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English Language and Literature, North American Studies and Elementary Education

You cannot take Oral Skills and Writing Skills 1, 2, or Mediating Skills at the same time. You must complete the modules in this order as each one is a prerequisite for the following module.

Unfortunately not! We work with a priority list and are not always able to give a place to all students who apply. You can check on our website under course lists whether you have been given a place on one of the courses on the Friday before the semester begins.

We're afraid that means that you have not got a place on one of the courses.

You can reapply next semester. Otherwise, you can contact the coordinators for English to see if a place has become available after the first week.

Please contact your instructor directly to let them know. Otherwise, we will assume that you have decided not to take the course and your place may be given to another student.

If you urgently need to take a course, please contact the coordinators for English in the second week of semester. They will let you know if a space is available on one of the courses.