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Willkommen im Bereich Englisch!

Hier erhalten Sie Informationen über das Lehrangebot in Studiengängen mit sprachpraktischen Studienanteilen und über das sonstige Angebot des Bereichs.

Sprachpraktische Studienanteile gibt es für die Studierenden in folgenden Studiengängen:

Waiting List for English Courses (Summer Semester 2021)

All our courses are currently heavily oversubscribed. We have a waiting list with names of high priority students who did not receive a place and will contact them directly in the unlikely event that a place becomes available. You do not need to take further action and/or contact us directly as we have information from all applicants.

Under normal circumstances it is not possible to receive a place on a course if you missed the application deadline. In urgent cases, please contact the English section coordinators (Michael Bawden and Louise Steinike McCloy) by phone during their office hours in the second week of the semester (19.4. - 23.4.2021).