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Who is a tandem partnership for?

Our tandem program is open to anyone interested in learning and practicing a foreign language in an engaging and authentic way. The only requirement is the readiness to learn another’s language and to teach them about your own language according to their language needs.

Prior knowledge of the foreign language is desired, but not always necessary for a successful tandem partnership. We especially recommend the program to international students to help them increase their German skills, make contacts here in Berlin, and teach their partners about their own language and culture.

We also offer tandem partnerships where neither partner has German as their first/target language. For example, if you are a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and are looking for someone to practice your Spanish, we would try to match you with a Spanish-speaking partner wanting to practice Mandarin

You can easily integrate your tandem partnership into your weekly activities. Whether you are taking a language course or simply enjoy learning new languages and cultures, the tandem programme is an ideal way to learn or expand your language competences.

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