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We are going to meet for the first time. How can we organise our tandem meetings?

You can organise the meetings according to your own needs. Discuss your expectations and wishes for the tandem partnership with each other. Would you like to focus on conversation or on cultural exchange? Do you need help with understanding texts, homework or with pronunciation?

You can meet in a café or use our social learning spaces at the Selbstlernzentrum: it is completely up to you.

The Selbstlernzentrum also offers a variety of grammar books and exercises, textbooks and magazines as well as a diverse collection of audio and film materials for different languages and different levels of proficiency. You can use any of these options free of charge during our opening hours. Are you looking for something specific? Check its availability in our online catalogue.

If you need more ideas on how to organise your tandem partnership, you can have a look at the suggestions in our tandem folder at the Selbstlernzentrum, or make an appointment with the Sprachlernberatung (Language Advising Service). If you wish to receive a tandem certificate, please come to the Sprachlernberatung at the beginning of your tandem partnership.

Additionally, we also offer Tandemtipps and Tandemlinks on our website.

Note: We are still working on the translation of our website. Unfortunately, our online-tips for tandems are not yet available in English. Maybe your tandem partner can help you out?

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