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Course credits

Yes, a 4h/week course is worth 5 credits, a 6h/week course is worth 8 credits and an 8h/week course is worth 10 credits upon successful completion. Please refer to Courses for further details.

Unfortunately, only our ABV German courses (level C1 and above) are on Campus Management.

You will receive a digital certificate from our administration by e-mail after successful completion of the course, usually within four weeks after the end of the lectures. If you are an exchange student we will transmit your results to the International Office and they will add them to your transcript of records if it is part of your learning agreement. If your course is not part of your learning agreement you need to forward your certificate to your program coordinator to get it added to your transcript of records.

Please check your exchange agreement or contact your Study Abroad supervisor to figure out the exact details of the procedure at your home university.

No, course credits are determined by our study and examination regulations for each course and can’t be adapted.