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Welcome to the Department of German as a Foreign Language

In the department Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a Foreign Language), we promote the language skills of foreign language students.

We offer a variety of German language courses specifically designed for academic purpose that take place both during the semester and in the semester break.

We hold the DSH (entrance exam for university registration) and support students in all matters regarding a systematic and efficient language acquisition.



Course programme during the semester

The course programme during the semester is free of charge and open for:

Courses in the semester break

The intensive courses in the semester break are liable to a fee. They are open for:

  • students in exchange programmes who aim to improve their language skills before the start of the term
    > Pre-Semester German Course

  • students and non-students with an interest in the German language and culture
    > Summer Courses

  • PhD students enrolled in a PhD programme taught in English without any previous knowledge of German
    > PhD-Courses (free of charge)