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Tandem Policy

The tandem programme of Freie Universität Berlin provides language exchange partnerships for foreign language learners.

In a tandem, two language partners with different native languages learn from each other.

In signing up for our tandem programme, you must agree to the following rules:

  1. We use the tandem partnership for mutual language and intercultural learning. We learn with each other and from each other.
  2. We agree to respect our tandem partner and his/her religious, political and sexual orientation.
  3. We devote the same amount of time in each meeting to both languages.
  4. We meet on a regular basis (a minimum of 2 hours per week is recommended).
  5. We inform our tandem partner if we cannot make it to a meeting, or if we do not want to continue our language partnership.

The tandem partners organize their work according to their individual needs regarding the contents, methods, place, time, schedule of the tandem meetings, including preparation and follow up activities.

If you need further information, have any questions or need support and ideas for organizing your language partnership, please contact our language advising service at the Centre for Independent Language Learning (Selbstlernzentrum).

We wish you a successful tandem partnership!

Your tandem team

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