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I can decide when I want to cooperate with others (for example, with other learners, teachers, learning advisors, native speakers and competent non-native speakers) in order to structure my learning better.


I can do this

I want to learn this

This isn't important for me

I can decide whether it is better for me to complete a task with others, rather than on my own.


I can decide whether I want to work with a native speaker to achieve my goal (for example, with a tandem partner).


I can recognise when I need to discuss something with a learning advisor.


I can talk about my feelings when necessary (for example, with a fellow student or with an advisor).


I can decide which steps of the learning process I want to carry out with others (for example, planning, choosing materials and methods, completing tasks, monitoring, evaluating).


For further descriptors see dealing with my feelings and monitoring.

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