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I can learn with and from others (for example, other learners, teachers, learning advisors, native speakers and competent non-native speakers).


I can do ths

I want to learn this

This isn't important for me

When I hear something in the foreign language I can focus my attention on aspects which interest me particularly (for example, accent, intonation, vocabulary and expressions, or the structure of the text).


When I don’t understand something I can ask my interlocutor to speak more slowly, to repeat something or to explain something.


I can ask native speakers and competent non-native speakers or other learners to help me (for example, with a formulation or to correct a text).


I can practice the language with native speakers, competent non-native speakers, or other learners.


I can learn by taking part in or observing a communicaton.


I can work with a partner or in a group.


When I work together with others I can

listen to the others (for example, in order to understand their stance)

express my stance


compare my stance with the others’


where applicable, modify my stance to reach a group decision.



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