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Language course at level A2

Skills focus: listening, reading, speaking and writing

ECTS Points: 6

Contact hours: 120

General language focus:

  • Revision and learning of basic grammar points

  • Systematic introduction of basic vocabulary

  • Developing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for everyday situations and some study related situations

  • Introduction to independent learning methods

  • Familiarisation with typical learning situations at German universities

  • Working with cultural topics in everyday situations and intercultural knowledge

Learning objectives

By the end of the course learners

  • Can grasp the global meaning of everyday texts, find and summarise concrete, predictable information, understand and extract specific information from simple newspaper articles in which events are described

  • Can understand the main points of short audio texts about predictable, everyday events when the speaker speaks slowly and clearly

  • Can repeat give information orally on routine matters from everyday life and university life

  • Can ask questions in class, make contact in everyday university life by making conversation and ask politely for advice and help

  • Can write reports on everyday events and connect the sentences with simple linguistic devices

Strategic knowledge

  • Can use language resources (for example grammar books and dictionaries) and by using basic grammar books and other language practice books develop his or her own language competence further

Course requirements

Continuous Assessment: e.g. grammar tests, reading and listening comprehension tasks, short written texts