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Language course at level A1

Skills focus: listening, reading and speaking

ECTS Points: 6

Contact hours: 120

General language focus

  • Introduction and consolidation of basic grammatical structures
  • Continuous development of a basic vocabulary
  • Developing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for specific everyday situations
  • Simple oral and written exercises
  • Introduction to independent learning methods
  • Working with and reflecting cultural topics in everyday situations in Germany, Berlin and at the university

Learning objectives

By the end of the course learners can

  • find concrete, predictable information in simple, everyday texts and read for specific information as well as extract and reproduce key words, phrases and short sentences from a short text;
  • understand the content of very simple informational texts on familiar topics if they contain a lot of international words and/or visual elements;
  • understand individual words and very simple sentences in simple and clear everyday texts, which relate to concrete areas and needs of everyday life;
  • understand individual statements in clearly spoken texts on familiar topics that contain internationalisms and pauses to capture meaning;
  • use simple words, everyday expressions and very simple structures in familiar situations and respond to questions;
  • communicate in a simple way, provided the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help;
  • pass on or ask for personal information in short text types such as notes, messages and forms;
  • with the help of structuring elements, give or ask for simple personal information in written form that relates to personal information and specific situations.

General topics

Personal information, housing, institutions, transport, travel, health, weather, holidays

Strategic knowledge

Learners can use language resources (for example grammar books and dictionaries) and by using basic grammar books and other language practice books develop their own language competence further

Course requirements

Continuous assessment: e.g. grammar tests, reading and listening comprehension tasks, short written texts