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Course content

General Focus:

  • Revision of and expansion upon knowledge of basic grammatical structures
  • Work on expanding vocabulary
  • Improving reading and listening comprehension and students’ ability to express themselves orally and in writing
  • Developing different forms of independent learning and working
  • Work on cultural topics and aspects of intercultural knowledge

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, students are able to

  • skim through longer texts for specific information, combine information from multiple texts, and follow the line of reasoning and conclusions drawn in texts to a certain extent;
  • understand uncomplicated information about familiar topics, recognizing main statements and individual pieces of information, and generally understand a line of reasoning about a current or familiar topic, provided the information is presented clearly and in a familiar accent;
  • take part in discussions on familiar topics, express thoughts on abstract or cultural subjects, clarify their own point of view, and respond to the opinions of others;
  • prepare and carry out a short presentation on a familiar topic in a clear, easy to follow manner;
  • express their own opinion orally and in writing, and summarize information from multiple sources for others;
  • put a range of listening and reading strategies into practice.

Course Topics:

Course A:
Studying in Berlin and at Freie Universität; German history after WWI; the “Golden Twenties” – culture and society in the Weimar Republic; immigration and emigration in Germany past and present; migration and integration

Course B:
Studying in Berlin; communication (media, language), coexistence (living situations and shared apartments); study and work; being socially active