Information for applicants required to take the English-language test

(BA programmes English Philology, North American Studies and Primary Education Pedagogy with English as the Elective)

The test serves to ascertain whether you have CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) C1-level proficiency in the English language.

The test is as a rule computer based and will be held in the E-Examination Center.

No content preparation is required as it is solely aimed at testing your command of the English language.

Test duration

90 minutes (+ 5-10 min. introduction to the test)

Test parts

  • Grammar (30 min.)
  • Reading comprehension (30 min.)
  • Listening comprehension (30 min.)*

(*) Listening comprehension will only be tested in the computer-based version. The pen-and-paper version of the test has no listening comprehension and hence the duration of both the reading comprehension and grammar parts is 45 minutes. 


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Further Information