Language tests for applicants to BA programmes

The FUB Language Centre is responsible for testing the special language requirements for the following BA programmes:

BA programmes English Philology, North American Studies, and Primary Education Pedagogy with English as the Elective

C 1

BA programmes French Philology / Primary Education Pedagogy with French as the elective

B 1

French Area Studies / German-French Literature and Cultural Studies


B 2

Italian Philology (Major / 60 credit points with teacher training option)

B 1

Italian Studies

B 1

Spanish Philology (Major / 60 credit points with teacher training option)

B 1

The level listed refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The English-language test is necessary in order to verify that you have sufficient command of the language in order to successfully begin your studies at the requisite level and hence complete your studies within the allotted time period.

No prior knowledge of Italian or Spanish is required for both the 30- and 60-credit-point (non-teacher training) option. If you do have prior knowledge, then you should take the placement test before the start of the semester.

Further information on the language-specific test (sample test, exemptions, deadlines and registration) can be found here.