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BBC Pronunciation Workshop (from A1)

The BBC offers a practical video guide to all the consonant and vowel sounds in the English language and demonstrates how English is really spoken.

Tricky American English Pronunciation (A2)

This course includes detailed explanations for certain phonetic phenomena in the English language, along with practical exercises. Registration required.

Sounds of English by BBC (A2)

A practical guide to English pronunciation – with video lessons, exercises and handouts. BBC also offers a youtube video with another native speaker explaining and showing all the sounds of English. With phonetic transcriptions.

Sounds of Speech by the University of Iowa (B1)

This site contains Flash-animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of Spanish, English and German. An animated articulatory diagram is available for each consonant and vowel, a step-by-step description and video-audio of the sound spoken in context. It is intended for students of phonetics, linguistics, and foreign languages.