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Web Portals

BBC Learning English

The BBC Website for English learners offers courses, grammar and vocabulary references, pronunciation exercises, podcasts and much more.

Learn English with the British Council

This learning portal is curated by the British Council and offers a vast collection of self-study lessons, exercises and other useful materials.

University of Cambridge

Information about general and professional English exams, such as FCE, CAE, CPE and many others. With sample tests.

Englisch Lernen Online

This English learning blog is in German and offers a great variety of tips and hints on how to efficiently learn English, as well as detailed explanations, exercises and links to further useful study materials.

Academic English Skills by the University of Warwick

This is a comprehensive guide on how to improve your English skills in all areas. It is especially useful to those who wish to work on their intercultural or academic skills, as the website offers easy-to-understand explanations and many links to further online study materials.

Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Various resources for English as a foreign language: grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation, exercises and more.

Learn English Feel Good

A vast collection of exercises for students of all levels (also suitable for beginners). With sections for reading, listening, vocabulary training, grammar tests, phrasal verbs and much more.

Using English for Academic Purposes

A large, comprehensive collection of useful materials for students with different sections such as reading, listening, writing, speaking, assessment, vocabulary, proofreading and more. Includes practical strategies, explanations and exercises, as well as a rich bibliography and links to further useful websites.