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Online Courses

English Conversational Skills for Beginners (for Arabic speakers)

A free beginner's course offered by the British Council specifically for refugees and Arabic native speakers. Registration required.

Learn English (from A2)

A series of four intensive courses for beginners with videos and exercises, covering many different topics.

Learning English by Voice of America (A1-C1)

VOA multimedia offers free online video courses for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced learners.

English for Business and Entrepreneurship (from B2)

This specialized course covers topics such as market research, composing a business plan and making a “pitch”.

English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

A very useful course for non-native speakers studying STEM-subjects.

English for Career Development (from B2)

In this course, you will learn about the job search, application, and interview process in the United States.