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Librivox (from B2)

Free audiobooks from the public domain recorded by volunteers. A huge catalogue: fiction, non fiction, poetry. Also available as podcast.

ESL Lab (A2-C1)

This ESL listening website created by Randall Davis helps students improve their listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading quiz pages. The learning activities consist of pre-listening, listening and post-listening exercises.

GreshamCollege – Free public lectures (from C1)

Gresham College is an independently funded educational institution based in London. It provides free public lectures by its eight professors.

TED – Ideas worth spreading (from B1)

Non profit project. Talks on various topics free available, most of them in English, with subtitles and translations in different languages. With blogs, a community and much more. If you click on translation you’ll get an overview of all talks and translations in different languages.

BBC Reith Lectures (from C1)

A collection of academic lectures on philosophical and scientific topics from past decades, e.g. Bertrand Russell (1948) and Steve Jones (1991).

BBC Podcasts (from B2)

The BBC podcasts.

British Council Learning English – Podcasts for the Professional (from B1)

Homepage to the LearnEnglish podcast and listening downloads page for the professional or business person. Scripts, comprehension questions and answer keys are provided.

BBC World Learning English downloads (A2-B1)

Here you can find short audio sequences (usually news reports) and corresponding pdf-files in which you will see the most difficult words easily explained. All files are downloadable to your personal computer (or portable device such as iPod). Furthermore, there are a couple of links to the BBC podcasts.

British Council Learning English – Listening Downloads (from B1)

You can both listen to and read a text, do comprehension activities and check your answers. Some words are explained in the glossary. Furthermore, you can download the entire article as a mp3 file.