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British Council Learning English (A1-C1)

You can both listen to and read a text, do comprehension activities and check your answers. Some words are explained in the glossary.

ESL Cyber Listening Lab (A2-C1)

Practice your listening comprehension skills - the learning activities consist of pre-listening, listening and post-listening exercises.

BBC World Learning English Downloads (A2-B1)

Here you can find short interesting audio sequences and corresponding pdf-files in which you will see the most difficult words easily explained.

BBC’s Lingohack (from B1)

Listen to authentic BBC World news bulletins and learn key words and phrases. All videos have transcripts.

BBC Podcasts (from B2)

Podcasts, covering many different topics.

TED – Ideas worth spreading (from B2)

Freely available educational talks by professional speakers on various topics. Most of them are in English, with subtitles and translations in different languages.

British Council – Podcasts for the Professional (from B2)

Podcasts and listening downloads for the professional or businessperson. Scripts, comprehension questions and answer keys are provided.

GreshamCollege – Free public lectures (from C1)

Free public lectures, provided by the London-based educational institution.

LibriVox (from B2)

Free audiobooks from the public domain recorded by volunteers. A huge catalogue including fiction, non-fiction, plays and poetry. Available as podcasts or downloads.