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Please be aware that according to German law, students are obliged to have valid health insurance for the entire duration of the program. High costs ban be incurred in case of illness due to missing or incomplete insurance coverage for Germany and Europe. Therefore, please be sure that your health insurance at home is valid for a stay in Germany/Europe.


To be admitted to our courses, you are required to have a German language proficiency of at least A1 level (CEFR).

Unfortunately, we cannot within the scope of this programme offer courses for students whose language proficiency is below level A2.

What we require of you:

Listening: You can understand and enquire about simple questions and instructions in the classroom. You can gather the most important information from a presentation, such as the biographical data on a person in history, if it is pronounced slowly and clearly.

Reading: You can gather information from a simple, everyday text, such as an article about daily life in a student residence hall.

Speaking: You are able to respond to straightforward questions, such as how you like your new flat. You can describe your daily routine. You can report on your activities over the past weekend.

Writing: You can describe your daily life in simple words, such as where you live, what mode of transport you use to get to university, and what you like to do in your free time. You can, by using a dictionary, write short letters to friends and invite them to a party, for example.

“Can I do that?”

The OnSET placement test you will take on the first day of the course can decide whether you are able to participate or not.