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Placement through onSET-Deutsch

A computer placement test will be given on the first day of the course. 

What is the OnDaF placement test like?

The onSET-Deutsch placement test is a scientifically designed tool for the assessment of language proficiency. It is a written cloze test, consisting of eight short gap texts on a variety of topics and at different levels of difficulty (from A2 to C1). You have precisely five minutes to complete each gap text, so the entire test will take a maximum of 40 minutes.

There are 20 gaps in each text. At the beginning and end of each text, there are complete sentences without gaps, which are intended to help in solving the task. In the remaining sentences, the second half of every second word has been deleted, so the missing letters have to be provided. It is important to determine the grammatically correct form within the context of the entire text.

Each gap has exactly as many letters as are already given, or a maximum of one additional letter. For example, if you see a word for which two letters are given, such as Bu___, then 2 or a maximum of 3 letters are missing. Possible answers here could be Buch, Burg, Busse, or Bulle. For the word Mei___, 3 or 4 letters are missing. In this case Meilen (3 + 3) or Meinung (3 + 4) could be right. The correct answer depends on the context.



In Sachen Kommunikation heißen die Zauberwörter E-Mail und Handy. Die Deut______ lieben ih___ Mobiltelfone. Ab____ natürlich wi____ auch no____ ganz nor_____ telefoniert – u___ Briefe bri_____ auch im_____ noch d___ Postbote. …


Correct answer: … Die Deutschen lieben ihre Mobiltelefone. Aber natürlich wird auch noch ganz normal telefoniert – und Briefe bringt auch immer noch der Postbote. …


You can find further information about onSET-Deutsch and a longer test example on the official onSET-Deutsch website

How will you be placed in the appropriate course? 

Once you have completed the test, your proficiency level will be indicated automatically. This proficiency level, as well as any other relevant information (such as any Goethe Institute tests or Test-DaF that you may have also taken), will form the basis for your placement within our course programme.