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Discover Berlin

Sightseeing bus tour

On this sightseeing bus tour you will get to know the most important and the most beautiful places of interest in Berlin.

Orienteering trips throughout the city centre: „Stadtrallye“

For these orienteering trips we have planned specific routes through the city of Berlin. In small groups you will follow a certain route with the help of our directions and along the way you will have to answer questions and cope with (language) challenges. Thus, it is not only a simple walk through the city, but also a very interactive way of learning the language right in the centre of Berlin. If all the tasks are solved properly, there are also small prices to be won.

A guided tour of Friedrichshain

On this guided tour through Friedrichshain you will discover the characteristic features of that district. In the 1950’s modern buildings were erected according to the Russian archetype architecture along Karl-Marx-Allee (once Stalinallee). Nowadays this area is a very popular, hip and trendy neighbourhood specially amongst students and artists.

Individual tours through interesting parts of Berlin

On those individual ventures you will get to know the characteristics of various districts (e.g. Prenzlauer Berg: the traditional working class quarter, Mitte: the cradle of Berlin, etc.) In small groups you will have to follow directions and along your way you will have to cope with particular language assignments or “research challenges”, and you will also have to make specific observations. You will present the results of your individual discoveries to the fellow students during class.

A guided walking tour to the historic heart of Berlin

Each place and every street in the centre of Berlin has its own history. On this walk you will get to know different historical periods of Berlin: You will get a glance of Prussian history with their palaces and will encounter architectural traces of East German socialism. You will discover a great many representative buildings and streets with their own story to tell.