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Course concept

The objective of the language course is not just to improve all skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) but also to enhance knowledge of specific historical, cultural and political topics. Essence of the concept is therefore the close link between communicative language instruction in the morning and activities offered in the cultural programme in the afternoon. During the language classes in the morning various topics and activities in the context of the cultural programme will be prepared, initialised and reinforced with regard to content and language by reading and / or listening comprehension, by focussing on specific vocabulary or by topic related discussions. Results of specific activities in the cultural programme will sometimes be presented and appraised during classes, which entails a very communicative and project-orientated atmosphere in the classroom.

All activities in the afternoon are part of the course concept and are therefore free of charge respectively included in the course fee.

Course content: Intensive communication training and language studies

(72 hours)

The main focus with regard to intensive communication training and language studies is on the systematic and progressive acquisition of German proficiency by means of communicative and innovative learning methods. A variety of teaching methods and different forms of social structures such as projects, group work as well as pair work will be incorporated. Specific aspects of learning German will be considered individually, depending on the needs and interests of students.

Key aspects of intensive communication training and language studies

  • Practising basic grammar and introducing new syntactical structures

  • Intensive vocabulary training

  • Using vocabulary and grammatical structures in key communicative situations

  • Improving communicative competence by practising in real communicative situations and by interacting with native speakers

  • Improving reading and listening comprehension

  • Developing writing skills

  • Integration of cultural elements (topics: Berlin and Germany, history, politics, art and daily life (for detailed information please refer to the Afternoon Cultural programme)