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Cultural programme in the evening

Concerts and theatre

(will be subsidised by up to 50% – additional fee required)

Every summer we endeavour to arrange a diversified and interesting cultural programme for the evenings. As to meet everyone’s taste we select a wide choice of events and performances ranging from classical concerts, vaudeville shows, acrobatics, improvisation theatre, contemporary dance performances, musicals or singer songwriter concerts. The choice of events is not only inspired by the different genres but also by particular places with a very special ambience: an amphitheatre in the city centre? Yes, indeed, there is ….
The programme is always full of surprises and will be compiled according to the prevailing range of cultural events.

Below you can find a few examples of cultural events in summer:

  • improvisation theatre „Theatersport“ (additional fee approx. 8,- €)

  • Open-Air-theatre: classical plays by Shakespeare or Moliere (additional fee approx. 7,- €)

  • contemporary dance performances in Halle Tanzbühne Berlin (additional fee approx. 5,- €)

  • classic concerts (additional fee approx. 9,- €)

  • theatre, acrobatics- und musicals (approx. 5 - 10,- €)

Film nights

(Tickets have to be bought individually. Cinema entrance prices range between 5,- and 8,- €)

Once a week we arrange a film night. What is the idea behind it? Together with other course participants you will watch a film and afterwards you could go to one of the numerous beer gardens and discuss the film or talk about anything. There are two aspects that are taken into consideration in the planning stage: The films that we select should be productions by German speaking directors. The cinema that you go to should have a very special atmosphere as there are a great many interesting film theatres in Berlin with its individual charm and its own concept beyond the world of multiplex-cinemas.