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Excursions at the weekend

A trip to Kladow at Wannsee – A village at the outskirts of Berlin

(free of charge)

Kladow is a small village, situated at the Wannsee, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. It is almost unbelievable, how close city life and countryside are in Berlin!

Excursion to Potsdam 

(will be subsidised by up to 50% – extra charge approx. 8,- €)

A guided tour through the city of Potsdam will lead you to the most important and most beautiful sights, which are on the UNESCO heritage list. Highlights of your visit to Potsdam will be palaces, gardens, and numerous monuments - all concealed in the midst of a unique cultural landscape: The Sanssouci palace, summer residence of Frederick the Great, the Orangery in Sanssouci Park, the Dutch Quarter, the Russian Colony Alexandrowska and the Cecilienhof Palace, where in 1945 the Potsdam Conference negotiations between the victorious Allies of World War II were held, the Glienicke bridge, better known as the “bridge of spies” when the American and Soviet allies used it for the exchange of captured spies during the Cold War.

Excursion to Dresden

(will be subsidised by up to 50% – extra charge approx. 38,- €)

A trip to Dresden, also known as the Florence of the North or the Florence of the Elbe, is always a great experience as the Saxon capital offers attractions in great variety and combines three aspects which complement one another: notable art treasure, architectural sights and a charming landscape. A guided tour will lead you from the central railway station through the city centre to the historical old city with the Royal Palace, the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House. You will visit the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), a symbol of conciliation and you can view one of the numerous museums or exhibitions in the old historical city (approx. 6,50 – 7,00€). On the river sightseeing tour you can take in the »Canaletto view« of Dresden and enjoy the splendid scenery of castles along the Elbe. You can individually discover the city by strolling through the cafés, pubs and restaurants in the historical old city or by a shopping tour on Prager Straße.