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International Summer Courses

View on the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag

View on the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag
Image Credit: With kindly permission of the Berliner Senat

Due to organizational reasons, the international summer courses will unfortunately not take place in August 2022!

Welcome to the Language Centre of the Freie Universität Berlin

Discover Berlin: the political centre of Germany, a gateway between east and west, a capital with a changing history and future, a hotspot for artists from all over the world – a creative, vital, exciting and cosmopolitan city! Come to Berlin and learn German in this unique location.

The language centre of the Freie Universität Berlin invites you to an intensive language learning programme in which you not only improve your German proficiency but also really get to know the European metropolis of Berlin with its versatile cultural and historical background.

For the last 24 years the language centre has been organizing German intensive language courses during the summer for students from all over the world. This year we expect participants from more than 30 different countries, who wish to improve their German and who want to discover Berlin.

We offer a comprehensive programme of total immersion in the German language: classes in the mornings, a programme of cultural studies with guided tours, course related study projects and discussions with relevant experts, in the afternoons and concerts or theatre performances in the evening as well as excursions at the weekends.

The essence of our course concept is the close link between communicative language instruction in the morning and activities offered in the cultural programme in the afternoon. Berlin, with its rich history and diverse opportunities will become your place of study.

In the hope that we have awakened your interest, we look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant city, Berlin.

Your summer course team

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