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Payment Conditions & Cancellations

Due to organizational reasons, the international summer courses will unfortunately not take place in August 2022.

Course Fees

Please pay the initial registration fee of € 300,- to the bank account listed below as soon as you have received your registration confirmation. Your registration can only be guaranteed once we have received your € 300,- payment. We must receive the remaining amount of € 380,- by July 1st at the latest.


Registration fees cannot be refunded for cancellations after June 1st. No refunds can be made for any fees paid if you cancel after July 1st.


We are required to comply with hotel payment regulations, which means that the accommodation fee must be paid in full to the bank account listed below as soon as you receive your registration confirmation or by July 1st at the latest. Failure to do so means that we cannot provide you with accommodations. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for cancellations after July 1st.

Public Transportation

The € 81,- payment for your month-long pass must be paid to the bank account listed below – together with your registration fee – as soon as you receive your registration confirmation.

This fee is non-refundable if you cancel after July 1st.

 Payment Schedule at a Glance


How much?

What does it cover?

immediately after registration confirmation

or at the latest by

June 1st

€ 300,-


(€ 81,-)

registration fee


(Public transportation ticket)

after confirmation of course place

or at the latest by

July 1st

€ 380,-


(accommodation in Hotel "Transit") € 450,- / 500,- / 587,50 / 650,- / 812,50 / 1.312.50

remaining part of course fee



You can choose to pay the whole amount upon receipt of registration confirmation!

Bank details for money transfer
Please make payments to the following account:

ZE Sprachenzentrum der Freien Universität Berlin

Deutsche Bank – Sort code (Bankleitzahl): 100 708 48

Account No. (Konto-Nr.): 5121637 00

IBAN: 480 100708 480 5121637 00


Bank address: Deutsche Bank, Otto-Suhr-Allee 6-16, 10585 Berlin

Please do not forget to include your name/or the name of the COURSE PARTICIPANT, if you are paying for someone else! All fees have to be paid in Euro. All charges due to bank transfers have to bepaid by the course participant at the day of arrival.

I accept the above conditions. I understand that I will not be insured against illness or injuries incurred during the summer course and that the FU assumes no liability should I be unable to complete the program as the result of an emergency.