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Public Transportation

Public Transportation

A monthly pass for Berlin local public transportation (subway, S-Bahn, bus, tram) costs € 81,-. Unfortunately, there are no reduced student rates available during the official dates of the summer program.

You can purchase your ticket upon arrival in Berlin (Schönefeld Airport, Tegel Airport, or at the central railway station) at any of the BVG ticket counters or from one of the BVG ticket machines. BVG stands for “Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft,” the company that runs Berlin’s public transportation. You can pay with cash or debit card.

If you choose to buy your ticket from one of the ticket machines, please follow these steps:

  • Touch the screen.
  • Select “Andere Fahrscheine.”
  • Select “Monatskarte gleitend.”
  • Select “Berlin AB.”
  • Select “Umweltkarte.”
  • Then enter the current date (for example, “3. August”).
  • Then pay with either cash or debit card.

We recommend you buy your ticket as soon as you arrive. It saves you money and gives you lots of flexibility for getting around the city.

We are happy to buy a ticket for you in advance, which you will then receive from us when you arrive at the university. But you will still need to purchase a single ticket to get from your point of arrival to the university. A single ticket for zones ABC (for example, if you are coming from Schönefeld Airport into the city) costs € 3,30; a single ticket for zones AB costs € 2,70.

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