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Course Programme A 1

There will be no PhD courses in Fall 2023 preceding the lecture period, unfortunately. For alternative courses, please see registration.

Admission requirements

  • Proof that you are a doctoral candidate at Freie Universität Berlin (scan of Student ID Card, the "Immatrikulationsbescheinigung" of Freie Universität Berlin).
  • No prior knowledge of German

Contents of course


Training of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills will increase the command of spoken and written German. Grammar and vocabulary as well as pronunciation will be systematically exercised.


Topics are relevant to everyday life in Germany and at the university, e.g. personal information, routines, places, leisure time, relationships.

Target group

Doctoral candidates whose research work is mainly in English and who implement their doctoral project at Freie Universität Berlin and have no prior knowledge of the German language.

Course objective

Level A1 of the Common European Framework (CEF), developed by the Council of Europe. The completion of level A1 is required if you want to take part in the German courses at the Language Center (from level A2).

Lesson times

Monday – Friday between 9:00 and 12:30

Number of hours

120 contact hours of 45 minutes each

Please consider before registration: The course can only be booked for the duration of six weeks. It is not possible to start the course later or finish it earlier.

Course fees

The course is free of charge.
A mandatory fee will be charged for the course materials.

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