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Phase 4: Evaluating
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For the development of your learning process it is important to evaluate your learning progress, your steps and the learning material you use.

Assessing your own competences

To assess your learning progress, you can use the DIALANG test or the checklists of the European Language Portfolio (see below). Keep in mind that level jumps, for example from B1 to B2, are require a more intensive, longer training.

Self-evaluation is probably the biggest challenge in language learning: for this you need criteria (which you can also formulate yourself) and practice.

An example of some criteria for evaluating an oral presentation:

  • How do I evaluate my presentation?
  • Were my pronunciation and intonation understandable?
  • Was the presentation well structured and comprehensible for the audience?
  • Was the vocabulary appropriate to the topic?
  • Was the sentence structure correct?
  • What were the strengths of my presentation? What were its weaknesses?

Ask a fellow student, your tandem partner, a teacher, a language learning advisor to evaluate your performance with you. In this way, you can broaden your own perspective to include the perspective of others.

Checklists of the European Language Portfolio Switzerland 16+

In German

In English

In French

In Italian

(European Language Portfolio)

Evaluating your own learning

When evaluating your learning, the following questions can help you:

  • Did I assess my learning needs correctly?
  • Did I achieve my goal(s)?
  • Were my learning materials appropriate to achieve my goal(s)? (see PDF Lernmaterialien evaluieren) (in German)
  • Were the tasks suitable to achieve my goal(s)? (see PDF eine Aufgabe evaluieren) (in German)
  • Were my methods effective?
  • Was the allocation of my working time realistic?
  • Can I prove my learning progress (for example, do I have a recording I can play back or a written text I can present)?
  • If I have achieved my goal(s), what is my next goal?
  • If I have not fully achieved my goal(s), what resources and tasks could I plan for?

If you have any questions, come to the language learning advisory service. We will be happy to help you!