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European Language Porfolio for Higher Education

European Language Portfolio for Higher Education (ELP)

Portfolio Européen des Langues pour l'Éducation Supérieure (PEL)


What is a Language Portfolio?

The term portfolio refers to a portfolio or wallet in which artists collect their most important works.

The European Language Portfolio was developed by the Council of Europe in order to

  • support autonomy and multilingualism
  • promote intercultural awareness
  • give language learners the opportunity to document their language skills, certificates, and experiences for employers or institutions
  • give language learners the opportunity to keep track of their learning progress and projects
  • guide language learners in their unique learning development

The European Language Portfolio consists of three parts: the Language Passport, the Language Biography, and a Dossier (a collection of personal documents, e.g. text productions, certificates, presentations, etc.).

You can find copy templates for creating a personal Language Portfolio on the Internet at:


There are also e-Portfolios: http://epos.informatik.uni-bremen.de/

You can find further information and instructions in the sample copies at the CILL / Selbstlernzentrum.

If you have any questions about autonomous language learning, please contact the language learning advising service.



  • Europäische Sprachenportfolio