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Important Information for your Visit

We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask while in the self-study center. Thank you very much for your support.

At all our workstations you can use our audio and film media as well as the available language learning programs. Please bring your own headphones with a 3.5 mm jack plug or USB plug. A wireless connection via Bluetooth is not possible.

Please leave your jackets and bags in the lockers in the street KL 26. You can close them either with your student-ID or with a self-chosen 4-digit pin code.

You can find more lockers in the street KL 29 near the lecture halls.

Food is not allowed in the CILL. You can bring beverages only in in sealable bottles.

Please leave your student-ID at the reception desk when entering the CILL.

If you bring your own materials into the CILL (CDs, books, DVDs), please show them at the reception desk.

Please switch off your mobile phone or set it to silent.

The CILL is a pure reference library. You can use any materials, but you cannot borrow them. If you need to make copies, there are copying facilities in the Philological and Campus Library.

To work at the computers, you need a ZEDAT account. If you are studying at the FU and do not yet have a ZEDAT account, please apply directly to ZEDAT (in section JK 27).

The CILL is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Internet and/or for any loss of data.

 The CILL does not take responsibility for any lost items.

Für weitere Informationen lesen Sie unsere Benutzungsordung.


Have fun and success with language learning!


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