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Online catalogue WEGA

Our online catalogue enables you to search for specific learning materials according to criteria such as language, level, skills, learning goal, type of media, grammar, topic etc. It partly includes detailed summaries of learning materials, sometimes even of single book or software chapters.

Dynamic Model for Autonomy

This model aims at raising your awareness on your learning competences and enhancing your learning autonomy. It helps you to reflect on your motivation, your goals and learning strategies. By clicking on the single components, you will find detailed descriptions of attitudes, competences and skills. You can use it as a first step before seeking the language learning advisory service.

Learning how to learn

How do I learn grammar effectively? How can I extend my vocabulary? How can I improve my pronunciation? How do I make progress in my written production? How do I learn with movies, audio books and websites? In this section, you will find ideas and guidance.


Our language exchange program to practice your target language with a native speaker. Information, tips, certificates, help in finding a tandem partner, workshops, and language advising for the tandem program of the Freie Universität.

Espace français

An additional section for all who learn French: several learning tips, Dossiers pédagogiques, and links, tips for preparing a language exchange in France and many more ideas how to experience and learn French in Berlin.


A study guide to refresh your French competences and help you to obtain the level required for studying French Philology at the Freie Universität Berlin: strategies, materials and links.