The links listed here are focused on language learning. They are not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all the media available in a given linguistic area. Neither do the opinions expressed therein reflect the opinions of the employees of the Centre for Independent Language Learning (Selbstlernzentrum). As will all material produced in the media, especially material available on the web, a critical approach may be necessary.

Public Broadcasting Service

The American website provides solely video material and full-length documentaries on different topics such as news/public affairs, history or art.

Spiegel Online International

The international section of the Spiegel website covers national and international news in English. Other fields are business and Zeitgeist.

Deutsche Welle

A very useful website that offers national and international news and also covers fields like science and technology or culture and lifestyle. The information is available in form of newspaper articles as well as podcasts, videos and picture galleries. Mirroring versions of the website are available in many different languages.

BBC News

The BBC website is strongly connected to the BBC news channel on TV. Most articles centre on current politics, but sections such as business or health are also included.

Financial Times

The Financial Times concentrates on economy and business news from all over the world. Articles comprise, among others, the topics markets, companies and management.

The New York Times

The New York Times website resembles the content of the newspaper. It focuses on current politics and news, butalso includes many other topics.

abc News

A general news website of the American television station ABC with the sections: News, Politics, Investigate, Health, Entertainment, Money and Tech. It also has links to programs such as World News or Nightline.