Academic Skills

The writing base and the reading base (B2)

Short videos with tips for writing and reading in academic contexts by the English Language Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

CAL Learning English Online at Warwick (from B2)

From the Centre for Applied Linguistics of the University of Warwick several tips, study guides and links for academic listening, academic writing, grammar, vocabulary, study skills, English for conferences and more.

Using English for Academic Purposes (from B2)

A comprehensive guide for students with different sections: reading, listening, writing, speaking, assessment, vocabulary, accuracy. Strategies and exercises on different texts, a rich bibliography (materials) and links.

English for Psychology (from B1/B2)

Alleydog is a a glossary for American psychology students with explanations in plain English. Learning English and Psychology offers resources, strategies and tasks for learning English and psychology: websites, reading and listening tasks, a brief history of psychology and a quick overview of research methods.