Cultural programme 

This language course is supplemented by a well-rounded cultural programme. Together with other student participants and knowledgeable teaching staff, you will become acquainted with the city of Berlin at locations important both in history and today. You will visit memorials and documentation centres relating to political and social issues, and experience Berlin’s local and international culture at museums, concert halls and theatres.

Daylong excursions at the weekends will lead you beyond the city borders to other German cities worth seeing. During previous courses we have visited Leipzig, Potsdam, and Stralsund on the Baltic Sea.  In addition, there are opportunities to meet as a group at popular student pubs and bars, and one afternoon every week we will show current German films in our “Lecture Hall Cinema” (Hörsaalkino).

During your German lessons, your teachers will prepare you for specific offerings in the cultural programme according to your proficiency level, and will assign you tasks related to projects and individual research to take along with you on your outings. Since teaching staff will accompany you on your excursions, you can easily get additional advice and support.